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  • Julia Castanier

    Julia Castanier

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  • Evelyn Wilson

    Evelyn Wilson

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  • Cassandra Garcia

    Cassandra Garcia

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  • Lindsay Demmel

    Lindsay Demmel

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  • Nahrein Kassem

    Nahrein Kassem

    Nahrein has over 13 years of industry experience and brings her expertise to HNN. Prior to moving to the Operations Manager, she was working in the department after her advancement from Community Manager. Nahrein has been with HNN for 13 years and knows the ins and outs of the company. As the Operations Manager, she…

  • Chemaine Fernandez

    Chemaine Fernandez

    Chemaine was born and raised in sunny Pasadena, CA, home of the Rose Bowl, and moved to Washington in 1993 to become reacquainted with the family of her father. She has been in the property management industry for 30 years and have worked in many different positions, from groundskeeper to Community Manager of LITHC and…

  • Alison Dean

    Alison Dean

    As the President of HNN Communities, Alison is responsible for running all facets of the business. She has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience building and managing programs, effectively restructuring departments, and overseeing organizational strategic planning. Prior to joining HNN in 2016, where she served as the Director of…

  • Brittany Cristel

    Brittany Cristel

    Brittany has over 14 years of diverse multifamily housing and leadership experience. Having joined HNN in 2016, she has held roles in portfolio management, talent acquisition, marketing, and human resources. Throughout her career, Brittany has successfully managed large portfolios consisting of complex assets, including professional project management experience that she acquired while working for a…

  • Owen Fleming

    Owen Fleming

    Owen has more than 23 years of multifamily housing experience with diverse projects including new construction, acquisitions, dispositions and extensive asset rehabilitation and renovation. He is a knowledgeable leader in all facets of residential and commercial building including construction management, environmental oversight and project supervision. Owen is also well versed in business risk mitigation and…

  • Rosa Almeida, HCCP

    Rosa Almeida, HCCP

    Rosa has over 22 years of dedicated property management experience and seven years of progressive tax credit experience. Rosa joined HNN in 2011 and is responsible for all aspects of compliance evaluation, monitoring and reporting. As the Director of Compliance, she assures compliance with applicable affordable housing programs for over 6,500 units throughout the portfolio,…