Who we are


Our mission is to be a great company that provides outstanding housing. We emphasize common sense in the management of investment properties. We achieve standards of performance that balance short-term return on investment with long-term housing preservation and value. We nurture a reputation of excellence in our housing communities, in our operations, and within ourselves. We promote healthy communication, productive teamwork, integrity, and professionalism. We thrive in a work environment that is exciting, fun, and productive. We realize the power of kindness and compassion in our business operations.


They are at the core of our company. They are the power behind our operations. And if we are able to relay them in every aspect of our business, we can do extraordinary things.

  • Centered on kindness and compassion

    Every day, we are changing what a landlord can look like to the people we serve. To do that, we need to show kindness and compassion in every interaction we have, and every decision we make.

  • Accountable for ourselves, respectful of others

    Personal responsibility is about honoring commitments to customers, partners, and each other. Following through. Always doing what is expected, and doing it with an unexpected level of integrity.

  • Always be bold, always
    get better

    Improving ourselves, our results, and our impact on the world does not happen on its own. We embrace smart change, take risks and accept failure, and push every opportunity to turn good into great.

  • We are diverse yet united

    When we are inclusive of people and ideas, we have a chance to make this company a reflection of the diverse customers and communities it serves. When we bring that diversity together as One Team, we have a chance to create a uniquely great place to work.


We have an incredible opportunity to provide that most fundamental of necessities for customers in our markets—a home. But for us, the way we do what we do matters.

  • Meeting critical demand

    In the face of a national housing shortage, we are building residences for our local communities with quality, and managing them with integrity, including the affordable housing so many of our neighborhoods need.

  • Going beyond

    Whether it means building 4- and 5-bedroom homes to accommodate large households, or making sure higher-end amenities are available to all residents, we believe affordable housing can be outstanding housing.

  • Sustainable by nature

    From LEED-certified projects and green-space preservation to water-conserving fixtures and irrigation, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and complimentary recycling programs, our focus on thriving communities always includes the land and resources that surround them.

  • Here for the long term

    Sustainability also means staying the course. As long-term holders, we look at how we build and manage communities as a real investment—not only for HNN but for our communities as they grow and prosper.


Our reputation for excellence is rooted in the way we treat others and the mutual success we are able to find in the long-term relationships we nurture.

  • With residents

    As owner-operators, a passion for superior customer service is deep in our culture. Across our communities, we see the results in our resident retention, and in the faces of our residents themselves.

  • With partners

    From investors and civic leaders to contractors and vendors, every partnership we establish is constantly growing—rooted in shared values and fed by honesty and communication.

  • With communities

    We build more than just homes. Through outreach and philanthropy—with housing nonprofits, educational organizations, and resources for underserved families—we strive to create diverse and flourishing communities.

  • With each other

    We cannot put a value on our teams, but we can value the relationships we build with all of them. Making sure our employees are engaged and satisfied is just plain good for everyone. And it keeps the talent flowing in.

  • With our own future

    To remain successful—and be able to share that success with those we serve and partner with—we need to be strategic in our growth. Whether we are measuring choices about new opportunities, innovation, or technology, why we develop will always be as important as where we develop.

Centered on kindness & compassion