Core Values

HNN Core Purpose

HNN believes in greatness. Our team honors our commitments because we believe in integrity. Our team is responsive and courteous because we believe in honoring our relationships with each other, our customers, vendors, and everyone we work with. We empower our employees because we trust them to make prudent and timely decisions. We listen for and welcome new ideas. We seek to understand possibilities and we value your opinion.


They are at the core of our company. They are the power behind our operations. And if we are able to relay them in every aspect of our business, we can do extraordinary things.

  • Be Accountable

    I am Responsible for What I Do. I take personal responsibility for completing quality work and honoring my company’s commitments to our customers, co-workers, and partners. I will continually work to improve my capabilities and promote consistency and professionalism.

    I am Responsible for My Customers. I follow through on all customer requests and share information that may impact my customers.

    We are Accountable to Each Other and Our Customers. I work each day to deliver what is expected by our customers and my team members. I will provide great leadership and be decisive when needed.

  • Be Respectful

    I Treat My Customers with Respect. I am responsive and courteous with all of my customers. I acknowledge correspondence and respond in a timely manner.

    I Treat My Entire Team with Respect. I value the dignity of every member of the HNN team. I believe in honesty and integrity, both personally and professionally.

  • Be Better

    I Always Try to Improve My Results. I take pride in my work. I continually look for ways to maximize revenue, reduce cost and improve quality. I embrace diligence in my work ethic and I understand that results are a measure of success.

    I Improve Myself. I take advantage of opportunities to build my work skills and knowledge. HNN values health, wellness and happiness and I strive to promote those values throughout the team.

    I Watch for Ways to Innovate. Efficiency is important. I take advantage of new products and technology whenever I can. We analyze issues and we solve problems.

    So We Get Better Each Day. I approach each day as an opportunity to turn good into great!

  • Be Inclusive

    I Embrace the Diversity Within My Team. I recognize that differences within my team make it stronger. Humility and compassion is important to HNN.

    I Consider Other Viewpoints in My Decisions. I seek out opinions that may differ from my own to make better decisions. I will be approachable. I will listen and I will be open-minded to the ideas of others.

    So We Are More Inclusive of Others. I work to make HNN a reflection of the diverse customers and communities in which it serves. Our entire team fosters an attitude of gratitude throughout our organization.

  • Be Bold

    I Embrace New Ways of Doing Work. I will be flexible and support changes that help us be the best. HNN is clear with its goals and we all share a vision of greatness.

    I Take Risks and Accept Failure. I will use my mistakes as learning opportunities and help to identify ways to be better.

    So We Can Be Innovative in Our Pursuit of Excellence. I will push myself and others around me to not be satisfied with average results. I will inspire and motivate others. Our team embraces ingenuity.

  • Be One Team

    I am a member of Team HNN. I recognize and accept my role in the success of the entire organization. I will be trustworthy and committed. We collaborate and promote teamwork.

    I Partner with Others to Improve What I Do. I involve my customers and partners to deliver practical solutions. I will promote healthy communication, enthusiasm, harmony, kindness, and teamwork – these are keys to excellence and success. We communicate powerfully and prolifically. We believe in transparency.

    So We Become One Team. Together, Team HNN can create a great workforce and be a great place to work. Philanthropy and building relationships are important to our team.

Centered on kindness & compassion